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Nokia’s First Dedicated Nevigation GPS : Nokia 330 Auto Navigation

Nokia is well known for its phone and camera product.  But in 2006 it debuted with first ever dedicated GPS device. The mode name 330 Auto Navigation.



This is a is a budget orientated system which runs on Windows CE, uses the well established SiRF Star III GPS chipset and sports a 3.5in 65k 320 x 240 color touch screen, not the largest on the market but not the smallest.


Nokia 330 Auto Navigation


 Notable feature are A 400MHz Samsung S3C2440 CPU is at the 330’s heart and there’s the standard 64MB RAM, 64MB ROM memory allocation. A 2GB microSD card ships with the device and contains Route 66’s Navigate 7 software as well as
Ireland and European maps. A built in speaker is also present to provide spoken instructions and also it can double up as a digital audio, video and photo player.


GPS navigation market is already highly competitive and overcrowded. This Nokia 330 Auto Navigation does not provide anything new but low price. This product meant to market in European market and price around 306 euro which is very friendly compare to equivalent product. Nokia sure have a plan to step in lucrative GPS market.