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The Cobra GSPM 3000 Nav One portable navigation system allows users to easily move from vehicle to vehicle with the GPS in hand–simply plug and go. The receiver offers automatic route navigation with turn-by-turn directions and clear voice guidance to either addresses or points of interest. It also includes more than two million points of interest, such as banks, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and many more, as well as a point-of-interest search using business phone numbers. If the user strays off course or has to take a detour, the GPSM 3000 provides an automatic rerouting function. Users will appreciate the backlit, intuitive soft keys, which provide easy access to specific functions in any given mode without smudging your display. Additional features include an infrared port that instantly transfers addresses from your Palm OS- or Windows Pocket PC-based PDAs; an odometer, trip timer, and speedometer; a Trip Planner function that allows you to preprogram up to five destinations in each plan; and a Trail Mode that allows you to go off-roading and mark your favorite waypoints for the return. The unit uses Cobra’s exclusive Accelerated Satellite Acquisition Protocol II technology (ASAP II), which gets you running up to twice as fast as other recreational GPS receivers and provides superior reception in urban areas, canyons, and dense foliage. The device’s built-in altimeter and compass display altitude readings and eight cardinal compass points.


  • Portable System-Plug & Go
  • Automatic Route Navigation With Voice Guidance
  • Millions of Points-of-Interest
  • 5.2″ High Res Color Display
  • North America Street-Level Detail Map on Board and Fully Unlocked
  • Gyro for Uninterrupted Navigation
  • Infrared Port for Beaming Address Information
  • iA.S.A.P.â„¢ Performance

Picture of Cobra GPSM 3000:


Physical Specifications:

Unit Dimensions  4.73″ H x 7.91″ W x 2.28″ D (201 mm x 120 mm x 65 mm)
Unit Weight  1 lb., 8.96 oz. (710 g)
Display Size  5.2″ (132 mm) Diagonal
Display Resolution  320 x 240 Pixel
STN Color Display
Keypad  Backlit
Power  12-volt DC Vehicle Power Adapter included
Usage: 1.2 max
Fuse: 3
Antenna  Built-in Patch (Optional External Antenna Available)
Temperature Range  Operation: -15 to + 60 (15F to 140F)
Storage: -30C to +80C (-2F to 176F)
Map Storage  Automotive-Grade Hard Disk Drive

Performance Specifications :
Receiver 12 Parallel Channels for tracking up to 12 satellites
Acquisition Times  Approximately (hot): 8 sec. (warm): 38 sec. (cold): 45 sec.
Using i.A.S.A.P Technology
Update Rate  1/second, continuous
GPS Accuracy  Position: 10 meters, 2D RMS
Velocity: 0.1 m/sec.
Dynamics 4g
Interface  USB 2.0

Packaging Specifications:Â
SKU#  GPSM 3000
Individual Gift
Box Dimensions:  10″H x 11.5″W x 4.75″D (260mm x 300mm x 128mm)
Individual Gift
Box Weight:  2.48 lb. (1.125kg)
Master Pack Quantity:   2
Master Pack Dimensions:  23″H x 15″W x 7″D (590mm x 380mm x170mm)
Master Pack Weight:  10.45lb. (4.74kg)

Included Accessories:

Cigarette Lighter Power Cord
Windshield Suction Cup Mounting Bracket

1 Year Limited Warranty